Recurring Events

AAAWashed Monthly Dinner

DATE:    Last WEDNESDAY of every month
TIME:    6:30 PM and on
PLACE:  Red Lantern Seattle, 520 South Jackson St, Seattle, WA  98104


2015 Events

Feb 8-AAAW Out Loud talking series (#1/3)
Feb 12-15-Seattle Asian American Film Festival
March 8-AAAW Out Loud talking series and writing workshop (#2/3)
April 19-AAAW Out Loud talking series and writing workshop (#3/3)
May-Annual AAAW Spring Fund Drive and Give Big
May 29-31-Kor.I.A/IKAA mini gathering in Rome, Italy
May 30-AAAW Annual Spring Potluck
August-Annual AAAW Summer Family BBQ (date TBD)
September/October-AAAW Autumn Festival Dinner (date TBD)
Fall-Dodgeball Tournament with AKAP (date TBD)
October 8-11-KAHI/IKAA mini gathering/Film Festival in Honolulu, HI
December 5-Annual AAAW Holiday Party



2014 Events

January 26-Dialogue series (#1/4)
February 6-9-Seattle Asian American Film Festival
February 8-”Memory of Forgotten War” Film Screening
February 23-Dialogue series (#2/4)
March 16-Dialogue series (#3/4)
April 13-Dialogue series (#4/4)
April 26-Annual Spring Potluck, 4pm (Open to all)
May 22-DAN aka DAN Screening and Performance
June 4-AAAW Guest Bar Night at 50 North
July 20-AMP Parent Panel at Northgate Library
August 17-AMP Recruitment BBQ at Lincoln Park 12-4pm
August 31-AAAW Annual Summer BBQ at Carkeek Park
September 7-AMP Mentor Training
October 11-AAAW vs. AKAP Dodgeball Tournament in Seattle
November 8-Woodinville Wine tasting 2-8pm (Adult Adoptees/Partners 21+) (18+ Dinner)
December 6-Holiday Cocktail Party 7:30pm (Adult Adoptees/Partners 21+)



2013 Events

January 6-AAAW’s info session for IKAA G13
January 12-Game/Norebong/karaoke night
January 25 -Asian American Film Festival in Seattle
February 10-Lunar New Year/ Cooking Lesson
March 9-AAAW Adoptee Mentors
March 10-Dialogue series (#1/3)
April 6-AAAW vs. AKAP Dodgeball Tournament in Portland
April 21-Dialogue series (#2/3)
May 11-Annual Spring Potluck, 4pm (Open to all)
May 19-Dialogue series (#3/3)
June 29-Outdoor event
July 13-BBQ 4pm, Carkeek Park (Open to all)
July 29-Aug 4-IKAA gathering
November 2-Woodinville Wine tasting 2-8pm (Adult Adoptees/Partners 21+) (18+ Dinner)
December 7-Holiday Cocktail Party 7:30pm (Adult Adoptees/Partners 21+)



2012 Events

January 22Snow Day at Stevens Pass
January 31In-Depth Dialogue Series (#1/5)
February 3Spa Day for AAAW Women
March 13In-Depth Dialogue Series (#2/5)
April 15“Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy” Free Film Screening
April 21AAAW Youth/Teen Mentorship Program Outreach Event
April 24In-Depth Dialogue Series (#3/5)
May 19AAAW Annual Spring Potluck
May 20 and June 2AAAW Presents: 2012 SIFF Movie Nights
June 5In-Depth Dialogue Series (#4/5)
June 9AAAW Youth/Teen Mentorship Program Outreach Event
June 29-July 1 - European IKAA Gathering 2012 in Paris, France
July 17In-Depth Dialogue Series (#5/5)
August 5Sounders vs. LA Galaxy with AAAW
August 25AAAW Annual Summer BBQ at Carkeek Park
September 15AAAW Golf Outing
September 23Adoptees As Parents Discussion
October 19“Somewhere Between” Film Screening
November 3Wine Tasting in Woodinville
December 1 – AAAW Holiday Party


2011 Events

January 29Snow Day at Stevens Pass
March 12Korean Dinner at Kokiri Restaurant in Federal Way
April 10“The Dance of Identities” Book Discussion Group
April 20“The Dance of Identities” John D. Palmer Presentation
May 21AAAW Annual Spring Potluck
June 5Film Screenings: “In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee” and “Resilience”
July 23AAAW Bowling Night
August 6Annual AAAW Summer BBQ at Carkeek Park
September 15-18AAAW 15th Anniversary Mini-Gathering
October 23Adoptee Community Aid, Discussion, and Dinner
November 19AKAP-Hosted “Wedding Palace” Film Premiere and Q&A
December 3 AAAW Holiday Party


2010 Events

January 24Korean Cooking Lesson & Demo
February 27IKAA Gathering 2010 Information Session
March 20Birth Search Information Session
May 1AAAW Annual Spring Potluck
June 18Amy Anderson at The Comedy Underground
July 10Mariners Baseball Game (vs. New York Yankees)
August 3 – 8IKAA Gathering 2010: Seoul
August 28Annual AAAW BBQ – Carkeek Park
October 8After Hours at The Wing
October 23AAAW October Teen Weekend
November 4“Born Into Identity: The Asian Pacific American Adoptees Experience” Exhibit Opening Reception at the Wing Luke Museum
November 6AAABC Weekend in Vancouver, B.C.
November 20Wine-Tasting in Woodinville With AAAW
December 4AAAW Holiday Party

2009 Events

April 16-19IKAA Mini-Gathering 2009: New York City
May 9“Adopted” – Documentary Film Screening & Workshop
June 13AAAW Potluck (Federal Way, WA)
August 6-9IKAA Mini-Gathering 2009: Amsterdam
August 26Amy Anderson @ The Comedy Underground
August 29Annual AAAW BBQ at Golden Gardens
October 2Wing Luke “After Hours”
October 3AAABC Inaugural Event
October 24Teen Event: Corn Maze at Stocker Farms
October 29Jillian Graham Band
November 14AAAW Wine and Beer Tasting

1996-2008 Events

AAAW was founded in December 1996 and has held numerous events over the years, including symposiums on adoption, fundraisers, mini-gatherings, teen events and more. Our photo albums can offer glimpses of many of our past events.


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